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we, Omkar Industries bring forth manufacturing paints, coatings and primers. With years of experience, we have become one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of the same. Our range of products include Polyurethane Primer and Aromatic, Epoxy Zinc Chromate Primer, Metal Primer Red Oxide, Synthetic Red Oxide, Synthetic Enamel, Coal Tar Epoxy High Build Coating and Primer and many more.

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Epoxy Finish Paints
Epoxy Finish Paints INR 0 INR 0 We are one of the prominent manufacturer,supplier and exporter of Epoxy Finish Paints, Epoxy Finish Coating, Epoxy High Build Coating and Coal Tar Epoxy High Build Coating which adheres well to steel, aluminum, wood and plastic. Epoxy Finish Paints protects the floor from damaging effects of chemicals, solvents, petroleum products, caustic alkalies and dilute acids. Our range of epoxy is durable, cost effective and can enhance the appearance of the floor. Features: Chemicals resistance to range of products mainly alkalies solvents and weak acids Can be used for successive layer build up Two pack cold cure system Easy to apply Fast curing characteristics Application area: Plant structure & piping Fertilizers Refineries Petrochemicals Food & pharmaceutical units Effluents treatment plants True 1474873226
Solventless Epoxy Primer
Solventless Epoxy Primer INR 0 INR 0 Available at affordable prices, our range of Solventless Epoxy Primer And Epoxy Solventiless Floor Coating is mainly used as primer coat for masonry surfaces and cured concrete. This primer increases the durability of floor by not allowing water and caustic substances to enter into the interior of flooring. Solventless Epoxy Primer is easy to apply and can be used for decorating, flooring, repairing and renovating. Surface Preparation: Floor should be properly cleaned, thus remove dirt and residue of oil & dirt to ensure the excellent adhesion properties. Depending on the nature of surface there are several methods to be employed for pre-treatment Abrasive blasting followed by dusting Wire brushing Power grinding Flame blasting Acid etching True 1474873522
Epoxy Zinc Chromate Primer
Epoxy Zinc Chromate Primer INR 0 INR 0 Our range of Epoxy Primer E and Epoxy Zinc Chromate Primer is fast & easy to apply. This primer is widely appreciated by our clients for excellent adhesion properties owing to epoxy linkage that confers resistant to water, chemicals and other destructive substances. Our range slow downs the speed of corrosion from discontinuities such as pinholes and break in the film. Features Abrasion resistance Excellent adhesion to substrates like steel and aluminum Good intercoat adhesion Good bonding with steel, concrete and wood surface Application areas:- Our range finds application in fertilizer, refineries, petrochemical and coastal industries and very good primer coat for following: Epoxy Polyurethane Chlorinated rubber Acrylic Vinyl Polyester base system Plant Structure Piping Storage tanks in Underground steel foundations True 1474873749
Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer
Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer INR 0 INR 0 We offer Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer And Epoxy Coal Tar Coating, which offers good adhesion to substrates such as steel and aluminum. Our range is highly durable and can effectively resist chemicals which can harm the surface. Easy to apply, our Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer range is widely used in food industry, home garages, refineries and paper & pulp plants. Some of the other application areas are: Application area: Plant structure and piping Fertilizers Petrochemicals Food & pharmaceutical units Features: Chemicals resistance to range of products mainly alkalies solvents and weak acids Two pack cold cure system Easy to apply True 1474874322
Metal Primer Red Oxide
Metal Primer Red Oxide INR 0 INR 0 Our range of Metal Primer Red Oxide finds application in various industries such as steel and furniture. It provides excellent adhesion and has been appreciated for preventing the coated material from corrosion. Easy to apply, Metal Primer Red Oxide can easily be brushed or sprayed on the metal surface. Scocity 100 Sec. by ford cuip B4 at 30 C True 1474874543
Coal Tar Epoxy High Build Coating
Coal Tar Epoxy High Build Coating INR 0 INR 0 We are into manufacturing of fine quality coal tar epoxy high build coating which is widely used for coating on steel and aluminum components which are used for industrial purpose in many various industries. It offers them long lasting life with resistance from corrosion and other chemicals plus strengthens them for a long lasting life. To be applied minimum once in 6 months Dries within 24 to 48 hours Great packing with good shelf life Easy to apply Omkaroxy CTHB is a two pack epoxy coal tar high build system which gives film very good adhesion, chemical resistance to water, alkalies, saline, environment splash and spills of dilute acids. Typical Use: Recommended for underground pipelines, tanks, sluice gates and barrage gates. Storage tank in fertilizer Petrochemical Refinery Heavy chemicals industries. Effulgent treatment plants. Excellent Features: Excellent adhesion steel, concrete, aluminium etc. Chemicals resistance to range of products mainly alkalies solvents and weak acids. Two pack cold cured system. Can be used for successive layer build up. Easy to apply and relatively high build up. True 1477548646
Air Drying Hammerton
Air Drying Hammerton INR 0 INR 0 We manufacture a finest range of quick drying Hammerton which is mostly used in painting of coolers, and steel and iron components which are easily prone to corrosion and then deteriorates easily. It is a very effective as needs just one coat and gives a glossy and attractive finish. It is also easy to apply with uniformity without causing any hassle. It is best done through spraying and doesn’t take more than an hour or maximum day for hard drying. Quick drying Glossy finish Second coat could be applied with recommended thinner Available in many colors True 1477548733
Air Drying Stapple Finish
Air Drying Stapple Finish INR 0 INR 0 We are producers of genuine quality air drying Stapple finish paints which are available in many colors and are single pack paints. You just need to start painting and they will offer you protection from the worst of corrosion and abrasion. These have a semi glossy finish to them and are popularly and effectively used for electrical components like wires etc. These have a quick dry up time and available at affordable price. Quick dry up time Protects from corrosion Best suited for electrical equipments Semi glossy textured finish True 1477548797
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